When 4 of star warfare guy they fighting with speedling and panther then a scorpion comed and shoot poisoned to viper, viper is down and fainted so a warrior appear with a passer it is strike fortune said it said strike have a special ability that he can just heal people so after the war the star warfare winned in nouva atom has been attacked by Siegfried and poison pit it can survive that long atom has been fainted and serpent hang him on a place and killed him so atom is dead while in earth strike healed viper and tank achieved a cutter so as hydra and fortune get a shotgun then the green mantis jr (junior) appeared he was increible strong than he was shooted by Titan with a machine gun the mantis junior is dead but he don understand how a boss jr come to earth Titan and tank is a warrior of andromadae so they have more hp Titan archived a passer to strike and Titan killed a scorpion again then they saw a blasting star what is that find out on the next episode of star warfare(fake)