The 3million acid bomber was too strong the only left is Titan and strike they cant hold much acid bomber they keep killing them but speedling, panther, and scorpion join in to it can kill them they really has low hp then after they fainted they was sent to nouva along with viper, fortune, tank, and hydra, they wake up they killed all speedling and panther but scorpion and acid bomber fortune and viper kill scorpion but tank , hydra, Titan, strike fight acid bomber then viper and fortune killed all scorpion the help tank,hydra , strike and Titan fight acid bomber the acid bomber was hard for them they killed all acid bomber but they have low hp then green mantis (lamer than the purple 1) was ready to kill him will 6 of star warfare fighter able to kill mantis all they die like atom find out on the next episode of star warfare (fake)